Features & Benefits


For commercial and residential surfaces, ASPART-X is second to none and offers a variety of benefits for those who make the smart decision to protect their investments.

LINE-X Products Available in Glen Burnie

Whether it’s your home or your business/commercial space, your flooring is going to be one of the most affected by wear and tear as well as everyday use. Bay Line X of Glen Burnie is an authorized retailer and installer of a huge selection of LINE-X spray-on protective coatings. We offer ASPART-X flooring solutions that will immediately help you take advantage of several benefits, protecting your investment and the people who use it for years to come.

ASPART-X Flooring Applications Features and Benefits:

ASPART-X applications permanently bond to just about any material at a molecular level, which helps create a truly unique composite that is unparalleled by any competing product. ASPART-X is the perfect solution for protecting any surface you use and value. Our customers will experience superior corrosion protection as floors are now protected from the elements and everyday use. It doesn’t matter what conditions you’re operating or living in, whether your environment subjects your flooring and surfaces to high humidity, salt water, or even extreme temperature. ASPART-X will stand the test of time and trial.

Additional features and benefits of ASPART-X flooring include exceptional gloss retention and UV protection, minimizes sun damage, providing a durable and long-lasting gloss that will always be pleasing to the eye, no matter how much abuse it takes. ASPART-X flooring applications also exhibit high levels of abrasion and impact resistance, making it a scuff-resistant and slip-resistant surface for those who use it. ASPART-X flooring applications are also water-resistant.

Bay Line X of Glen Burnie, Bringing You ALL Features and Benefits of ASPART-X Flooring

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