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Bay Line X of Glen Burnie remains the foremost authorized retailer of LINE-X liners in the area. LINE-X is the market leader when it comes to protective coating for a wide variety of services, and Bay Line X provides ASPART-X flooring services that will help you protect your investment and all of the people who use your flooring.

We offer certified ASPART-X flooring services that will optimize your home or commercial ground surfaces and will come to you for professional application, relieving you of all DIY headaches.

ASPART-X Residential/Garage Flooring Solutions

Do you need a flake or granule finish for your home or garage floor? ASPART-X flooring is sure to transform any drab concrete surface and offers a wide variety of colors and tones that will suit any aesthetic sensibility. You’ll have your floor looking fantastic and ready to withstand the elements, protecting your investment into perpetuity.

ASPART-X provides a uniquely waterproof membrane, which will help protect surfaces from unexpected spills and render any moisture easy to clean. ASPART-X works great on garage floors, driveways, decks, and carports. ASPART-X flooring services have zero VOCs and are safe to utilize both indoors and outdoors, safe for plant life, animals, and children as well. Perhaps best of all, there are no lingering odors after application/completion.

Durable, Reliable Commercial Flooring Solutions

It’s no secret that commercial spaces get put to the test, especially when it comes to ground surfaces. ASPART-X is the perfect solution that will equip your commercial space with non-scuff and non-slip flooring that will help drastically reduce the risk of damage or injury.

ASPART-X provides a diverse range of workshop, commercial, and industrial flooring solutions and applications that will help you achieve your business goals.

Call Bay Line X of Glen Burnie for Professional ASPART-X Flooring Services

Get in touch with Bay Line X of Glen Burnie when you’re ready to level up your residential or commercial space with cost-effective solutions to your ASPART-X flooring services needs.