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We might not think of flooring first when it comes to residential and commercial property, but flooring is the first thing we come into contact with when occupying any physical space.

Your flooring certainly goes through the most wear and tear, especially in those high-traffic areas that undergo heavy use. If you’re looking for extra protection for your investment, LINE-X ASPART-X™ U/V protective coatings in Baltimore, MD is the solution you’ve been looking for.

ASPART-X™ U/V Protective Coatings in Baltimore, MD

LINE-X® protective coatings happen to be the nation’s leading developer and provider of high-performance protective coatings, whether it’s for vehicles or residential and commercial spaces.

ASPART-X™ U/V protective coatings provide ultraviolet (UV) protection that helps protect your floors and surfaces from yellowing or fading. ASPART-T™ coatings have the ability to cure in all weather conditions and temperature applications, providing you with a swift solution for areas of your residential and commercial space that go through heavy use.

Easy Application

Fast cure speeds ensure your space is protected immediately. ASPART-X™ offers excellent abrasion protection and chemical resistance. Utilize this product for residential decks, patios, garage floors, swimming pools, industrial commercial flooring, and even food processing facilities.

ASPART-X™ can also be utilized in conjunction with a UV-stable topcoat for the entire family of LINE-X thick-build coatings. What you get is a supremely durable composite coating. ASPART-X™ is now available in a variety of stock and custom colors for your specific needs.

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ASPART-X™ will be ready to work after application. Once applied, you can rest assured that your flooring has all the extra protection it needs, which will ensure you get to enjoy your investment for years to come. Contact Bay Line X of Glen Burnie today to learn more about who we are and how we can help protect what matters most.