IC-320 Flooring Applications

ASPART-X™ IC-320 is the latest innovation from LINE-X® Protective Coatings. A ZERO VOC, aliphatic polyurea, ASPART-X provides superior U/V stability with excellent color and gloss retention.

Flooring is an important part of any residential or commercial space and it’s important to provide it with the right amount of protection from the elements as well as everyday use, no matter the frequency.

Bay Line X of Glen Burnie is the leading source for all of your LINE-X family protective coating needs, and we offer products as well as applications that will help you make sure your feet are always standing on protected ground. We are proud to offer this amazing two-component, low odor aliphatic polyurea coating for flooring applications for our commercial and residential customers.

ASPART-X consists of 100% solids and boasts zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that will keep residents and workers safe, offering an environmentally friendly solution as well as a visually striking product with unmated color and gloss, UV stability, and retention.


Solutions for a Variety of Surfaces

You can utilize ASPART-X flooring applications for garages, porches, deck coatings (we recommend applying these over LINE-X applications), and even light commercial flooring.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a business or looking to enhance your home, we provide a tough and durable topcoat that can handle anything life throws at it.


Give Your Space the Gift that Keeps on Giving

ASPART-X applied by Bay Line X of Glen Burnie will give you the benefit of having scuff-resistant floors featuring a clear, high-gloss sealer for any surface. If you’re looking to apply a protective coating to a new floor or surface or even replace epoxies and polyurethanes, our ASPART-X flooring applications will get the job done beyond satisfaction, protecting your investment and anyone who steps foot on it for years to come.

ASPART-X Flooring Applications – Commercial or Residential

Instead of going through any DIY headaches and possible missteps, Contact Bay Line X of Glen Burnie today for professional ASPART-X flooring applications. Together, we’ll help you optimize and protect just about any surface under any circumstances. LINE-X spray-on protective coating products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that extends nationwide.